ODeL Overview

ODeL Campus Governance Structure

Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODeL) Campus was established through the University of Nairobi Statute XXXVI and it carries the status of a College. The Campus is headed by the Director Prof. C.M Gakuu and is deputized by Deputy Director Prof. H.J. Kidombo. The operations of ODeL Campus are conducted through the Division of Courseware Development and Production, Dr. Peter Keiyoro the Division of Programme Delivery and Learner Support, Dr. Omondi Bowa and the School of Open and Distance Learning, Dr. D.K. Ndunge. The Divisions are headed by Principal Instructional Designers while the School is headed by the Dean.

Besides the School and the two Divisions, ODeL Campus has six Departments headed by Co-ordinators at the level of Chairman of Department. These are; Open Learning Unit, Educational Programmes Unit, Humanities and Social Sciences Programmes Unit, Sciences Programmes Unit, e-Learning Unit and Research, Evaluation and Lifelong Learning Courses Unit.

ODeL Mode of Learning

ODeL Campus was established to facilitate Schools, Faculties and other academic units of the university to offer their programs through Open, Distance and e-Learning modes of delivery. It is therefore important for the learner to be familiar with the concept of Open, Distance and e-Learning. Open Learning is an institutional based mode which is characterised by flexibility.

Open Learning students can study through face-to-face teaching, Distance Learning, e-Learning or blended learning.

When face-to-face teaching is used, the learner should attend just is like in the traditional classroom. Where e-learning is used, the instructor will use the e-Learning platform or Multimedia classroom to interact with learners either in real time (synchronously) or at a different time (asynchronously). Where blended learning is used, the instructor would teach both face to face and through the use of technological media at different times.

Student Orientation

First-time ODeL learning students are required to attend the ODeL Learning Student Orientation prior to the start of classes.The orientation is conducted at the regional learning centres, and learning centres of the parent Faculty/School/Department during the orientation/introduction session. The orientation dates shall be communicated to you prior to the session. The orientation helps you to familiarize yourself with the distance learning environment and outlines key behaviours of successful distance learning students.  In subsequent semesters, your will be required to attend an orientation session that will detail semester requirements as well as address any issues that may have arisen in the course of your studies.

Medical Services

All services afforded to on-campus students are available to ODeL learners. All students are eligible and are required to register as members of the University of Nairobi Health Scheme by paying the prescribed medical fees of Ksh.5000/= as indicated in the fees structure and charged as part of statutory fees. In addition, the students are required to submit a fully filled J1/3 forms signed by the student and a registered medical practitioner at the time of registration to University of Nairobi Chief Medical Officer’s office. The form J1/3 is accessible through the University of Nairobi online application site http://application.uonbi.ac.ke . The student is required to report directly to respective campus clinic with their university student card for identification. Other various services are obtained from Kenyatta National Hospital on referral from University Clinics.

Admission of ODeL students

The admission into the University of Nairobi starts at the point of application through the Online Application site http://application.uonbi.ac.ke where the qualified candidates register by creating a user account using personal e-mail addresses and keying in personal details, uploading of scanned copies of academic certificates and selecting the course one is interested in studying. They are then issued with a reference number and directed to pay the prescribed application fee through Credit/Debit Card, MPESA pay bill or direct cash deposit at any KCB Bank branch. Upon payment, the applicant receives a confirmation of payment on e-mail address and phone number registered in the site. The application status tracking is done through the online application system. After Admission process is complete, an admission letter together with other admission documents are posted to the application site of the applicant. The applicant downloads the admission letter through which he acquires a reference number and the fees payment account details and pays fees by quoting the unique reference number at the bank. The applicant then generates a registration number on the University of Nairobi student online portal.

Issuance of Student Identification Card

On acquisition of a registration number, an applicant becomes a registered student. The student then registered Biometrically by the ODeL Campus officers where the Biometrics and photo are taken and at this point on the student is able to make a request of a student Identification card on the Student online portal log in using the generated registration number and the national Identification number if the student is a Kenyan or a Passport number if the student is a foreigner.

The Student will be able to use the student Identification card to acquire a number of services: -

  1. Access the university premises/buildings whenever he/she is looking for services
  2. Access medical services at any University of Nairobi clinic when on session
  3. Use it for identification when sitting for exams.

The relationship between ODeL campus and host Faculty/Department

Faculties own programs and students. Host faculties/departments recruit, admit, collect fees and keeps records for students. It also and invites ODeL during students’ orientation. The host faculties teach, examine, keeps records of progress and graduates students. The host faculty is also responsible for developing the curriculum and writing of modules.

ODeL also comes in to sensitize faculties on Multimedia and ODeL processes, guides faculties in conversion of content to ODeL modules for online students. Trains faculties on ODeL principles, practices and quality standards. Keeps track of ODeL students in the host faculties. Advertises programs for host faculties in ODeL program modes.

University resources available to ODeL learners

ODeL learners can visit http://learning.uonbi.ac.keto access various information and resources that would enhance their learning experience. All learners are issued with the rights to login to the University of Nairobi and create student email addresses. An ODeL learner may create their account by clicking on http://mail2.uonbi.ac.ke from the UoN website. The email address user name will be firstname.lastname@student.uonbi.ac.ke . The learner’s initial password is the national identification number which can be changed with a combination of letters and numbers.

ODeL learners can visit the library services portal by clicking the link http://uonlibrary.uonbi.ac.ke/node/1009 . Learners can access the KENET online hub at the basement of the Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library.

Student Welfare

The office of the special student advisor’s primary purpose is to assist students who face academic, financial or social problems. It provides advisory, counselling and guidance services. This is done by liaising with relevant authorities. The office therefore makes every effort to assist both on campus and ODeL online learners to achieve their academic goals and aspirations. More information can be found;http://student-advisor@uonbi.ac.ke .   

The security department is responsible for formulating the security strategy, management and coordination of security network in the entire University of Nairobi. The security department liaises with ODeL campus in managing close contacts with students both on and off campus by updating on the university’s website current information pertaining security details. Learners need also to regularly check their emails for security updates.

Communication and Information for ODeL learners.

The Office of Distance Learning is located at the University of Nairobi Main Campus, Mahatma Gandhi Wing (GW) building, next to the Fountain of Knowledge.